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How to call Yakutia long distance

Phone numbers in Yakutsk, the capital city of Yakutia, usually contain 6 digits. With the areacode "411" and the alighning digit "2" it makes a nationwide unique 10-digit phone number. (See the area codes below)The country dial code of the Russian Federation is "7". You might have to dial a prefix sequence to access the international phone network from your country. For example, assume that your party's phone number in Yakutsk is 44-55-66, and you are going to dial it from The US. So the whole phone number you have to dial would be 0117-4112-445566. Please note that in case if you are using a phone card or any other third party long-distance service you might have to dial an access number, your account number or/and a pin code. Contact your long-distance provider for specific instructions. You might also find phone numbers in a notation like +7-411-244-5566 which means the same phone number with the area code and country code already attached. Time zones

Please consider the time zones to avoid waking your party in early morning with a phone call at your lunch time. Yakutia spans three time zones: from Yakutsk Time Zone (UTC +0900) to Magadan Time Zone (UTC +1100). So here is an example, let's say you're calling somebody in Yakutsk from the USA. In that case the business hours in Yakutsk would be from 4PM to Midnight Pacific Time or from 7PM to 3AM Eastern. And it's already tomorrow over there. Please be nice. Oh, by the way, daylight saving time (an additional +0100) in Russia commences on the last Sunday in March, and ends on the last Sunday in October.

Some are codes in Yakutia.

Calling plans to call Yakutia.

Are you looking for a callin card? A high quality calling card? A free calling card? Well, we probably can't help you find it for free, but we can show you some we use in our everyday talks. Thanks to new Internet technologies, the prices of international phone calls dropped incredibly low a few last years. An average minute of talk when you call Russia from US is about 4-6 cents depending on calling plan. Choosing a plan for you watch for rounding time, various fees taken weekly, beweekly or monthly, expiration period etc. Here we carefully collected a few calling plans specially for you. These plans offer the best rates on the market to call Russia (including Yakutia, the Republic of Sakha).

Voice over IP (VoIP) services

Internet Calls

Try their service for free just from their web-site. All you need is a pair of phone numbers: your party's and your own. The free trial works only with land lines and those wireless networks which still are recognized as land service. Give it a try, it's free. Calls to cell phones cost 4 euro cents per minute.

VoIP Raider

Seems to be another brand of the same service as Internet Calls (see above). Could be separate too. Anyway, it's worth to try.

Pre-Paid (Debit) Calling Cards

We don't use prepaid cards to call longdistance Yakutia anymore. If you have a very good deal, an extraordinary deal, to share with us please contact us to list it here.

Long Distance Telephone services

Some of us with Sprint's cell phones are happy with Sprint's international long distance service. Details are comming soon.